Posted by: Chris Cole | September 21, 2008

Oh my god… another blog?!

Well… my very first blog entry. *The crowd does wild*

I was contemplating whacking together a fairly rudimentary website to collect a whole bunch of links to places that interest me, or are handy… with maybe a bit of embedded media here and there… a bit of an online bookmark collection I suppose. Hosting it from my own machine was going to be a bit fiddly, as while I have a fixed IP address, my computer is not _always_ turned on, and I’m not the only one who logs into it. So… to buy some space on a hosting site and create some funky HTML from scratch?? Maybe… but at the end of the day the explosion of blog-o-philic net denizens has resulted in some very user-friendly, and free, blogging tools and I thought… hey why not. Thus… here we are… 🙂

It will likely become home to a very eclectic and mostly not very exciting bunch of my ramblings, links and such, and will probably be of very limited interest to anyone apart from me. But hey, you get that. Of course, if anyone actually ever reads any of this, feel free to comment, agree, argue, or whinge to your heart’s content!

Oh, and the photo in the header of the page was taken from the nordic skiing trails overlooking Perisher Valley in Autumn this year. Pretty eh? 🙂


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