Posted by: Chris Cole | October 26, 2008

Clashes in Tasmania’s old growth forests

While the specifics are a little hazy, there have been some news articles floating about recently regarding increasingly vociferous clashes between logging/forestry workers and protesters who would evidently rather the forest was not, in fact, logged. This week there were some violent scuffles, and now there’s been an arson attack on a camp set up by the protesters, including the firebombing of a motor vehicle.

Without getting too caught up in the political, economic and conservation arguments for and against the two antagonists in this ongoing struggle, I just felt the urge to respond to a comment by David Bartlett (Tasmania’s premier):

“But what I’m calling for is calm in the forests and that protesters make sure they are not impeding the legal business and the legal livelihoods of forest workers,”

Now that sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to say, and indeed it is. I just thought it was perhaps worth pointing out that what is legal and what is right are sometimes (and indeed quite often) two very different things.


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